Hi friend, I'm Katie!

I’m an anxiety-sensitive travel agent,

specializing in helping women

transform their travel ✨dreams

into their favourite memories.

Ready to transform your life with travel?
  • moms who need to figure out how to travel with babies, toddlers, and kids, (or those multi-gen trips with the grandparents)

  • women planning a girl's trip

  • women who want to travel solo either for adventure or relaxation

  • Disney adults

  • brides planning their honeymoons

  • women planning a getaway with their spouse

  • any woman needing a travel bestie to smooth out the process

✨Quick About Me✨

✨Who I Work With✨

✨How I Serve You✨

I am an anxiety-sensitive agent, meaning that I work with you to help you feel confident that the trip you are taking is safe, manageable, and not stressful. There is no such thing as too many questions, and talking through any nerve-inducing scenarios is one of the main ways we can bring down that anxiety level and reduce the unknown. I provide detailed itineraries with specific travel and transportation details, and I offer many options for communication, so you don't have to have your phone anxiety triggered. I'm highly empathetic and deal with anxiety myself, so I put myself in your shoes when I am overseeing your trip.

I also have a heart for those looking to travel as a way to restore their sense of self, or heal their inner child when it has gotten lost in the rush of daily life, work, or motherhood, as well as those seeking to find some peace when dealing with grief or trauma. The spirit of adventure, combined with the nostalgia created or revisited through travel (especially to Disney locations!) can be a balm to the soul when dealing with loss.

Whatever you are seeking from your travel, I am here to help you find it and lovingly make the journey a whole lot easier.

  • consultation services during quoting phase to custom fit your trip to you

  • work through email, text, or phone calls to accommodate your preferred communication style

  • booking the trip, overseeing and double-checking details

  • booking excursions and dining reservations (including customized recommendations)

  • up to 2 free zoom calls to discuss itinerary, concerns, tips & tricks specific to you - we can walk through any scenarios that make you nervous to lessen anxiety and answer all questions thoroughly

  • watch for promos in case I can update your pricing even after you book

  • customized itinerary through snail mail with some goodies to help get you excited for your trip and give you the confidence that each day is laid out and planned by an expert

  • available on call during your vacation for any questions or situations that might arise during travel

  • handle all phone calls and updates with suppliers

  • follow up after travel to see how I can improve or repeat the the experience next time!

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