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I am Katie Dillard, a travel agent with Discover the Magic Vacations. While I can get you to any destination you'd like to travel to, my passion is helping families experience Disney!

I grew up in California and my family had annual passes to Disneyland/California Adventure on and off throughout my childhood. I have so many amazing family memories at those parks! When I got older my family moved to Tennessee and I have been able to experience and fall in love with Walt Disney World as well!

I am married to my wonderful, adorable, one-of-a-kind husband, Zach, and we have two precious girls, ages 3 & 5. We were able to take them to Disney for the first time in 2021 and I learned that as fun as Disney is for kids, it's arguably even more fun as a parent!

Seeing my toddler light up as she got to experience the Frozen ride for the first time and wave at Olaf, or my little four year old (at the time) being so brave to ride Splash Mountain and then falling in love with it as her favourite ride... these are some of my most cherished moments.

Our trips have gone so smoothly because I have learned lots of tips and tricks, such as the best places to get a toddler to nap, or where to take an overstimulated kid who needs a sensory break. Sharing tips and helping you with details like which park to reserve for which day of your trip, or how to plan your day so that you hit your must-do's, or even chatting about the best coffee drinks in the parks - all of these are the highlights of the job for me. I love being able to help people experience the Disney magic just as strongly as I do.

I am absolutely passionate about removing the stress from your trip and making more room for the memories. I love to learn about my clients so I can fully understand their needs and book each trip with the love, care and individuality that they deserve!

When you book with me you can be confident that I will look over all the details with a "mother's eye". I want you to feel cared for whether you are treating yourself to a personal getaway or organizing a huge family reunion. You (and your crew) will be spoiled and looked out for each step of the way.

I would be honored to help you book your dream trip!

With love and pixie dust,

Katie Dillard

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