I'm so excited to meet you!

As a little girl I grew up taking many family trips Disneyland. One of my favourite memories was when my mom would take my little brothers back to our hotel and my dad would keep me and me oldest brother in the park and we would run through and do as many rides as we could fit in during “nap time”. I traveled around the US a lot as a kid and no matter where we were or what we were doing my mom & dad found a way to make it the most fun version possible & find adventure at every turn. When my dad passed unexpectedly in 2018, it felt like the world was shattered. In 2021, my husband and I had the chance to take our little girls (then 2 & 4) to Disney World, and I found a healing and a connection to my dad that I never expected to. Being able to see “the World” through their eyes, zoom us around to fit as many rides in as possible, choreograph nap time around ride wait times, find the best snacks & pin trading spots, and make some of our best memories, made me feel like I understood my dad even more. I got to see his love for me from the perspective of my own love and joy in my own kids. That trip was such a gift.

Once I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about how to get back to that feeling, and I realized how much I love traveling with my kids and how even though they are small it’s not as hard as I had thought! I also realized how healing it is to trauma just in general to be able to get out in the world & experience something new & amazing that resets your outlook. I became an agent with Discover the Magic Vacations so I can bring my passion for adventure to new friends, especially those needing someone that knows how hard it is to even make a phone call when life feels like it’s gone off the rails, but you are in desperate need of a getaway.

I love being able to hear my clients share about what makes them love the destination they picked or what memories they are hoping to come home with. I am highly empathetic, and I love being able to take the stress off my clients by stepping into their shoes and listening to their stories, their wins & their anxieties, and really getting to know what will make their vacation run smoothly.

I can’t wait to get to know you, hear about what makes travel special to you, and lovingly craft a tailored experience to YOUR specific needs and dreams! Let’s be travel besties!

✨With love and pixie dust,✨

- Katie Dillard